Encapsulating Polymer Absorbents turns Hazardous Fluids into Non-Hazardous Solid


Franklin, Massachusetts, USA –

JNJ’s Industries, Inc., a leading supplier of electronic and industrial cleaning products announces the introduction of Smart-Bond™, a unique line of encapsulating polymer absorbents that provide a revolutionary breakthrough in hazardous spill pick up. Smart-Bond™ Polymers are a specially formulated family of polymers that are capable of absorbing hazardous hydrocarbon based and aqueous based fluids, encapsulating them, rendering them inert, and making them safe for disposal. Smart-Bond is available in different formulations, for organic hydrocarbons, for water soluble hydrocarbons, and for aqueous solutions, including caustic and acid based spills. they are ideal for picking up oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, cutting fluids, acids, and corrosives. They can be used in machine shops, gas stations, marinas, racetracks, laboratories, R & D facilities, anywhere a spill is likely.

Other absorbents only pick up and absorb various hazardous liquids, leaving a solid, dripping mess that is still hazardous, and needs to be disposed of as hazardous goods, incurring costly Haz-Mat disposal fees and governmental or environmental reporting costs. The Smart-Bond products, whether they are used in granule form, as an absorbent pad, or as a boom sock, will absorb up to 15 times their weight in hydrocarbons and up to 300 times their weight in aqueous solutions, totally encapsulating the spill and bonding with the liquid to form a solid mass. The solid byproduct can be handled without gloves and disposed of without hazardous fees. Smart-Bond polymers suppress vapors and reduce off gassing by 80% within the first 5 minutes. Liquids and vapors are permanently trapped, eliminating accidental combustion, making them safe for transport and disposal.

Smart-Bond™ polymers meet FDA guidelines, and have been tested under EPA guidelines, 40CFR 300 Sub Part J. (National Spill Plan), contain no hazardous or toxic ingredients, and meet EPA landfill requirements.

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