Enclosed cable carrier keeps debris out


igus®, a manufacturer of cable-carrier systems for automated machinery, has now developed an energy tube especially for the machine-tool industry that is almost 100 percent chip-proof. The airtight, fully enclosed cable carrier ensures all debris simply falls off. The new-style “RX” energy tube has a specially designed, smooth domed exterior onto which debris—such as metal or wood chips—can not attach itself. Connecting parts are concealed on the interior to facilitate this. Comprehensive tests—including underwater experiments—have been carried out in igus®’ test laboratories which confirm the new energy tube is 100 percent airtight.Despite this, the RX energy tube can be easily opened using a screwdriver to unscrew bolts integrated into the outer radius of each link. There is also a very large interior space for cables and hoses, which can be separated using vertical separators, and a horizontal shelf to safely route cables and hoses and thereby prevent abrasion. Both these features mean maintenance and machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum.The new energy tube is well suited to short, self-supporting lengths inside tooling machines. The chip-proof cable carrier was also developed to be used in reverse bending radius (RBR) applications. The RX energy tube is available in a high-temperature version, made from the special, high-temperature material "igumid HT". This version ensures that even red-hot chips up to 1,562 degrees Fahrenheit fall off the tube rather than melt onto it. The enclosed cable carriers can also be delivered as pre-assembled ReadyChains®; ready harnessed with cables, hoses, and internal separators, as required by the customer.

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