Encoder Provides Three Measuring Systems


A special magnetic encoder series MH680-III-MU-G provides maximum reliability through multiple redundancy. The single-turn encoder is equipped with three electrically isolated Hall measuring systems to meet even the most demanding requirements in safety-related applications, i.e. in cases where redundant signals for monitoring do not suffice or additional signal outputs are needed to visualize the process.


The device enclosures are manufactured from Hart-Coat aluminum and provide corrosion, shock and vibration resistance. Thanks to their wide temperature range of -30 to +80°C and IP67 ingress protection they are suitable for even the most demanding environments. The new encoder features a resolution of 14 bit and covers a measuring range of 0-360-deg. Signal output is provided per channel via a 4-20 mA current interface.  FSG provides each channel with its own membrane keypad for signal setting, therefore allowing for independent calibration of every signal output. 

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