On wind turbines, encoders provide critical speed, position and presence data, and must perform reliably - without interruption - for decades.  To fulfill the needs of the wind industry, Baumer provides an extensive line of highly robust encoders specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions and to reliably monitor conditions in the nacelle, blade, tower and foundation.
Baumer encoders provide generator feedback, air gap control, rotor blade stress measurement, rotor speed/position feedback and nacelle movement control.  Products are also available for monitoring tower condition, disc brake pad wear, rotor blade positioning/condition, and the status of hydraulics/cooling/lubrication systems.  Baumer’s newest, most innovative products include ultra-precise magnetic hollow-shaft encoders, hermetically-sealed magnetic encoders and heavy duty encoders with enhanced monitoring systems to detect wear/maintenance issues.

- The new line of ultra-precise magnetic hollow-shaft encoders can be directly mounted onto generator shafts up to 740 mm in diameter and feature a 27 mm profile that works well in limited-space environments.  HDMag Encoders provide 17-bit absolute single-turn resolution, which delivers highly accurate speed, rotation and position data even in low RPMs.  FPGA signal processing and integrated offset, amplitude and phase control mean that HDMag Encoders are extremely precise, generating maximum incremental square pulses of 524,288 periods per revolution and a maximum sine/cosine interpolation of 32,768 periods per revolution.  Consisting of an IP68 stainless steel encoder wheel, and an IP67-rated, fully-encapsulated sensing head, these encoders are designed with no moving parts, light source or glass/breakable components, making them highly robust and resistant to shock and vibration.

- MAGRES magnetic encoders are hermetically sealed and IP69K-rated, the only encoders completely protected from the elements in both onshore and offshore environments.  These encoders also contain no moving parts, light source or glass/breakable components, and are fully protected from salt, dust, temperature extremes, moisture and other contaminants.

- The newest Heavy-Duty Encoders feature EMS (enhanced monitoring systems) that actually notify the user in advance about impending wear and maintenance issues, a huge benefit in hard-to-access applications like wind towers.  A function-checking system is embedded into the encoder to continuously monitor all functions over the full speed range and to alarm if a malfunction is indicated.
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