End-Of-Arm Tooling Catalog


New EOAT catalog  presents the right EOAT component for almost any application. New additions to the catalog include linear components with guide blocks and short-stroke cylinders. “Our range of grippers and pneumatic air nippers now comprises more than 500 components. All of our EOAT components can be combined and optimized with other FIPA quality products quickly and easily”, says Rainer Mehrer, FIPA President and Owner. 

With the new EOAT catalog, users have a comprehensive reference work for End-of-Arm- Tooling at their disposal. The many new products include linear components, completely new grippers and improvements on the designs of existing gripper lines. The new generation of grippers is just as robust and reliable as the previous one, but lighter and smaller. They still provide just as firm a grip as ever.

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