End Trucks with 5 Different Wheel Sizes


Easy-to-install Yale Hoists’ integrated-rotating-axle, tube-frame end trucks are available with 305mm wheels, as well as in a standard bogie configurations.

These end trucks are available for CMAA Class C and D service requirements, which include meeting the bearing life requirement of 10,000 service hours. Top-Running, Integral-Axle, Tube-Frame End Trucks are now more versatile than ever. The five wheel sizes are 115, 160, 200, 260, and 305 mm.


  • 5 wheel sizes: 115mm, 160mm, 200mm, 260mm and new 305mm
  • Bolted rail sweeps with bumpers that can be quickly removed for wheel inspection
  • Bolted girder connection plates for easy installation and reduced shipping costs
  • Oversized hand holes for easy access to connection plate bolts
  • Rotating axle driver and trailer wheels
  • Standard variable frequency drive controlled motors for superior performance

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