Energy-Efficient AC Axial Fan


Dallas-based Orion Fans has developed a new line of “green” AC fans with a smart thermal control. Designated the OA109AP111TB03 (TEMP Control) Series, the AC Axial fans feature a ball-bearing design, measure 120mm x 120mm x 38mm and provide airflows of 63.3 to 96.7 CFM. Similar in function to DC smart fans, the TEMP Control Series’ smart thermal control reduces power consumption by increasing or decreasing fan speed according to the ambient air temperature but only requires a simple AC input rather than additional power supply requirements for a DC fan. This results in up to a 30 percent energy savings over similar-sized, single speed fans. The added bonus is that the overall noise profile is significantly reduced enabling the fans to be used in environments where low noise is desirable.
“This new line of AC fans is one of the most energy efficient on the market. The TEMP Control Series is a novel thermal management solution since it is one of the only AC fans on the market with the smart thermal control feature,” said David Luna, Orion Fans’ product marketing manager.
The TEMP Control Series AC fans feature a ball-bearing system, impedance and thermally protected motor, and aluminum alloy frame with a UL94V-0 plastic impeller. The fans are provided with AWG22 lead wires specified to UL1430 standards. 
Rated power for the series ranges from 9W to 19.6W at 115V. Rated speeds range from 1200 to 2500 RPM, with noise levels of 23.1 to 43.8dB and an operating temperature range from -10°C to +70°C. The small volume OEM price for each fan is $21.00.


  • smart thermal control
  • ball-bearing design
  • airflows of 63.3 to 96.7 CFM
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