Energy-Efficient Luminaires in New Optic Designs


Retrofitting HID floodlights with new Areamaster Generation 2 LED floodlights can save companies upwards of 75% on energy costs, while virtually eliminating maintenance burdens and improving worker productivity by providing uniform, high quality light.


Exceptionally versatile, this next generation luminaire now comes in a wider selection of beam patterns, color temperatures, and lumen outputs ranging from 9,000 to 38,000 lumens, allowing companies to cost-efficiently retrofit existing HID floods from 250 to 1,500 w.


Because the luminaire boasts an operational "on" time exceeding 60,000 hr, workers are not as frequently required to perform routine maintenance. Replaceable LED drivers can extend luminaire life even beyond 60,000 hours. When run in an optimal environment of 25°C (77°F) the luminaries may last beyond 200,000 hr or approximately 22 years.



  • save companies upwards of 75% on energy costs
  • outputs range from 9,000 to 38,000 lumens
  • up to 10 kv surge suppression
  • operational "on" time exceeds 60,000 hr
  • lifetime 200,000+ hr or approximately 22 yr
  • withstand –40 to 65°C (–40 to 149°F)
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