Enfinity(R) System for advanced proportional control


Enfield Technologies has introduced the Enfinity(R) System for advanced proportional control. This system comprises Enfield Technologies' M2 pneumatic control valve and C2 controller.

The M2 is an instrument-grade, proportional, directional control pneumatic valve that is designed for high performance. This valve utilizes a specialized linear force motor, as opposed to a traditional proportional solenoid. The M2's aperture is controlled at a very high speed, allowing the valve to respond quickly to set-point command changes.

Enfield Technologies' C2 is an enclosed high-speed, high-accuracy analog controller with multiple PID and feed forward options. It includes an intuitive, user-friendly digital LCD/membrane keypad user interface. Independent scaling of command and feedback signals adds to the C2's flexibility.

Since both the M2 valve and C2 controller are available with an integrated driver, the user can choose to purchase an Enfinity System with the driver included in either of the two components. Although the Enfinity System is ideal for users who want the flexibility to create breakthrough applications, both of its components can also be purchased individually for use with other Enfield Technologies products.


• Function - 5-port (5/3) bi-directional direct acting proportional control valve, normally closed center • Pressure (P) -1...16 bar (vacuum...225 psig) • Flow (Qmax) - 1300 l/min 6→5 bar (53 SCFM 80→0 psig) • Max. Aperture- 30 mm² • Ports 3/8" NPTF • Connector - 3-pin M8 (male) • Medium - dry, clean, neutral gases (0.3 micron filtration) • Bandwidth - 110 Hz • Shifting Time - 2.3 ms • Linearity - 3% full scale signal • Protection - IP65
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