Enhanced Memory for CPUs


AutomationDirect has added two feature-enhanced CPUs to its DirectLOGIC DL405 programmable logic controller product line.  The D4-454 and D4-454DC-1 provide all the capabilities of the D4-430, D4-440 and D4-450 CPUs, using updated microprocessor technology allowing the D4-454 to be the CPU of choice for the DL405 family.


Both D4-454 CPUs include a built-in power supply and four communication ports. Each CPU offers a large amount of program memory, advanced diagnostics, and a substantial instruction set and that includes drum sequencers, ASCII output, floating point math, trig functions, bit of word manipulation, timed and hardware-triggered subroutines, For/Next loops, fill-in-the-blank PID control, and more.


The memory of the D4-454 is fully contained in the CPU and stored in non-volatile MRAM memory. No memory card is required. A readily available coin-style battery is used for retention of the Real Time Clock.


The DirectLOGIC 405 line of programmable logic controllers offers reliable, time-tested hardware.  With a wide variety of I/O modules, configurations and many specialty modules available, local/distributed I/O systems of up to 3,500 points are possible.  Using the built-in PID instructions or specialty modules, cost-effective process control can be performed.


  • More memory than the largest memory size available to the D4-450
  • Same instruction set
  • Support for bases and modules currently available 
  • Readily available coin style battery, D2-BAT-1
  • Port 2 supports Modbus RTU (master/slave)
  • D4-454 – 110/220 VAC P/S
    D4-454DC-1 – 24 VDC P/S
    • 46.8K total memory
    • 16 PID loops with auto-tune
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