Ensenso X36 3D Camera System


The Ensenso X36 3D camera system with FlexView2 technology consists of a projector unit, two GigE uEye cameras either with 1.3 or 5 MP sensors (CMOS, monochrome), mounting brackets and adjustment angles, three lenses as well as sync. and patch cables to connect the camera with the projector unit.


The FlexView2 technology ensures a better spatial resolution as well as very high robustness of the system for dark or reflecting surfaces. You can choose between variants with protection class IP30 (Ensenso X36 CP) or IP65/67 (Ensenso X36 FA). The latter also includes, in addition to special cables, lens tubes for the cameras and the projector.


The 3D systems are delivered mounted and pre-calibrated. The focusing and calibration is set up and handled easily with the integrated Setup-Wizard in the EnsensoSDK.


  • 3D object recognition, classification & localization, e.g. quality assurance, commissioning
  • 3D object reconstruction
  • Robot applications, e.g. bin picking
  • Capture of objects up to 8 m³, e.g, enitre rooms, pallets
  • Logistics automation. e.g. (De-)Palletizing
  • Factory automation
  • Automatic storage systems
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