Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment Brochure


Cortec’s brochure on “VpCI Building Blocks and Additives for Water Treatment Formulations” focuses on the prevention of both corrosion and scale buildup in process water. Additives for boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and condensate lines can be instrumental in lengthening the life of a system and reducing maintenance. Additionally, Cortec’s corrosion inhibitor additives make great building blocks for full water treatment formulations.


When multi-phase protection is necessary, Cortec offers VpCI Technology options that protect in the vapor phase, contact phase, and at the air-water interface. These VpCI molecules diffuse throughout the enclosed space and adsorb on metal surfaces below and above the surface of the water, forming a thin molecular corrosion inhibiting layer that protects against oxygen, chlorides, and other corrosive elements.


Cortec offers many sound environmentally friendly additives that can replace nitrites, molybdates, phosphonates, morpholine, hydrazine, and amines. One example from Cortec’s vast portfolio is a novel, environmentally friendly, corrosion-inhibiting coating for hydrostatic testing that can be applied to large tanks simply by raising and lowering the water level. The additive is nitrite- and amine-free, and water treated with the recommended additive concentration is generally safe for discharge into seawater.


Cortec’s range of VpCI water treatment additives offer the following benefits:

  • Easy to formulate
  • Does not alter emulsion properties
  • Compatible with biocides
  • Provides multi-metal protection
  • Environmentally friendly options


The brochure includes a selection guide that helps users narrow down their options, which include the following:

  • Wash water additive to protect food cans from corrosion during sterilization
  • Corrosion inhibitor for yellow metals in circulating cooling systems
  • Hydrostatic testing / float coat additive for use in seawater or brine
  • “Green” filming corrosion inhibitor for boiler condensate that contains only FDA approved ingredients
  • Low toxicity corrosion inhibitor that replaces the use of toxic hydrazine in high pressure boilers
  • Antiscalant for reverse osmosis systems
  • Oxygen scavenger for low to medium pressure boilers


A chart categorizes each product by metals protected, physical state, transport mechanism, solubility, degree of protection, typical applications, and typical dosage. * Additives come in liquid or powder form with a varying range of solubility in water, oil, and glycol. Differing degrees of flash, in-process, and long term protection are available. The additives typically work at a low-dilution rate for more economical protection.


Protecting and cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, cooling loops, and other water systems is an important step for in-process maintenance and protection during seasonal layup. Rather than using more hazardous treatments, Cortec’s additives include several “greener” or lower toxicity alternatives to effectively protect and maintain equipment.

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