EP21TDCNFL Two Component, Nickel Filled System


A nickel-filled, flexible, two-component epoxy adhesive called EP21TDCNFL is prepared for use by mixing the two components with a user-friendly, non-critical one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume. Cures can be affected readily at ambient or more quickly at elevated temperatures. It is 100% reactive and does not contain solvents or volatiles.


The cured nickel-filled epoxy has a volume resistivity of less than 5 to 10 ohm/cm together with a tensile lap shear strength in the order of 2,000 psi. EP21TDCNFL offers a flexible cure with high elongation. The temperature range is truly outstanding, 4°K to 250°F, enabling it to be used in cryogenic applications. Master Bond EP21TDCNFL is also recommended for applications where prolonged exposure to unfavorable environmental conditions will compromise device performance.


EP21TDCNFL forms bonds that have superior thermal cycling, thermal resistance shock, and vibration resistance. Adhesion to many different substrates is outstanding. EP21TDCNFL is available in pints, pints, quarts, and gallons. It is also offered as a one-part product in pre-mixed, frozen syringes.


  • Convenient handling
  • Good flexibility
  • Well suited for EMI/RFI shielding
  • Thixotropic
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