EP7041 EtherCAT® Motion Box for Stepper Motor Control


In order to permit stepper motor control in a compact, machine-mountable device, Beckhoff Automation has introduced the EP7041 EtherCAT® Motion Box. Using the EP7041 stepper motor box, small EtherCAT motion applications can now be implemented directly in the field without a protective control cabinet.
Ideal for harsh environments, the compact EtherCAT module in protection class IP 67 allows the connection of Beckhoff stepper motors up to 50 V DC and 5 A. An integrated incremental encoder connection on the EP7041 permits the implementation of a single servo axis with the compact IP 67 module.

In its compact housing, which measures just 5-in x 1.2-in x 1-in (126 x 30 x 26.5 mm), the EP7041 contains an encoder connection, two digital inputs for limit switches and a digital output for a brake. This way, all signals from a motor are combined in one compact box. In addition to the modules designed for 5 A, there is also a 1.5 A version (EP7041-1002) for the control of lower power stepper motors. By entering just a few parameters, the EP7041 EtherCAT Box can be adapted to suit the motor and the application.

A clear highlight of the stepper motor module is the 64-fold micro-stepping, which ensures a very smooth and precise motor rotation. These dynamic stepper motor modules are particularly well-suited for use in the feed axes of handling and processing machines as well as in assembly technology. Beckhoff offers a corresponding range of stepper motors with standstill torques ranging from 0.38 to 5 Nm.
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