EPIC® CEE Female Connectors


EPIC® CEE series connectors include high-performance watertight straight connectors (IP67)
Recommended Applications: Indoor wash-down/corrosive & heavy dust atmospheres; outdoor cable-to-cable connections; cable-to-equipment inlet connections
Application Advantages: •Solid brass rounded socket contacts provide easy insertion •Incorporates a very thick self-extinguishing body and non-slip grip, cable entry with a screw-in cable gland, an internal saddle-clamp strain relief, and a gasketed locking ring for watertight connections     


Impact Resistance: 8 J
Ambient Temperature: -25°C to +50°C
Flame Resistance:
- Glow wire test:
- Enclosure: 850°C
- Contact carrier:
- 20A, 16A, 30A, 32A: 850°C
- 60A, 63A, 100A, 125A: 960°C
- Self-extinguishing:
- Enclosure: V-2 per UL 94
- Contact carrier:
- 20A, 16A, 30A, 32A: V-2 per UL 94
- 60A, 63A, 100A, 125A: V-0 per UL 94

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