EPIC® Data CAN 180° Screw Connectors


EPIC® Data CAN bus connectors are screw terminal, 9 pin D-Sub connectors with an integrated adjustable termination resistor. The cable entry is 180°. Connectors are available with additional programming/diagnostic interface.Application Advantages: •Cost-saving due to quick installation •Easy to connect •Standardized interfaces   


  Temperature:- Operating: 0°C to +60°C- Transport & storage: -25°C to +75°C- Relative humidity: max. 75% at +25°C Protection Rating: IP20Transmission Rate: max. 1 Mbit/sInterfaces:- CAN bus station: 9 pin D-Sub socket- CAN bus cable: 6 terminal blocks for wires upto 1 mm2- D-Sub assignments: Pin 2: CAN Low Pin 7: CAN HighPin 3: CAN Gnd Approvals: UL: Programmable Controllers: Components Canada: Programmable Controllers Certified:Component Additional: CE & RoHS

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