EPIC® HDD Inserts


EPIC® HDD series inserts offer the highest possible machined contact density in a compact insert design. With more contacts available in a single insert, smaller connector housings can be used to provide significant panel space savings.


Number of Contacts: 24, 42, 72, 108, 144, 216 (+PE)
Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C
- Short-term: up to +125°C
Pollution Level: 2
Mating Cycles: - Per DIN EN 61984:2008
Service Life Test: Tested to 100 cycles and passed
- Per Contact Thermal Test:
Useful service up to 500 cycles is possible at rated voltage and current*
Test Voltage: 2.5 kV
Rated Voltage:
- UL/CSA: 600V
- IEC: 250V
Rated Current:
- UL: 8.5A
- CSA: 10A
- IEC: 10A
Wire Size: 26 - 14 AWG (0.14 - 2.5 mm2)
Contact Material: Silver- or gold-plated copper alloy
Contact Resistance: < 3 mΩ
* In dry, non-conductive, non-corrosive environments when protected in a housing rated at least IP54 and disconnected for cycling and maintenance only.
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