Eplan Smart Mounting


The Eplan Smart Mounting software supports manual control cabinet assembly in a highly efficient manner. It leads technicians step by step through the installation of DIN rails, cable ducts, and electrotechnical components, and it shows where the component must be installed. Supported by a 3D visualization, less experienced technicians can recognize where components must be placed. Combined with Eplan Smart Wiring, cabling can also be precisely displayed.


The software supports technicians in assembling and mounting all the components in a control cabinet and on mounting panels. Eplan Smart Mounting provides production employees with a complete list of all the work steps to be carried out. It starts with the mounting of DIN rails and cable ducts – as examples – and ends with electrotechnical components including auxiliary switches and timing relays. The browser-based application with a central web server doesn’t require any installation and can be used directly in the workshop.


The digital twin in Eplan Pro Panel provides the relevant engineering information Technicians can enter comments about components directly into Eplan Smart Mounting and send them back to the engineering department. This means that the electrotechnical documentation is always up to date.


Another practical advantage is that changes to the project can now be quickly implemented. The software shows precisely where components must be removed or added.


It isn’t only workers on the shop floor who gain full support. Production managers also get a better overview and more flexibility. A control system displays the assembly progress for each component: green means completed, while red means not yet processed.

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