Epoxy Resin System


W. R. MEADOWS introduces EG-96 HP, a three component, 100 percent solids, VOC and BGE free, epoxy resin system.   A high-strength, flowable epoxy grout, EG-96 HP  is ideal for use in industrial projects including crane rail and wind turbine base grouting and support of chemical tanks, vessels, and vibrating  equipment.   EG-96 HP flows into spaces under machines and fills completely before hardening. It shows good resistance to impact and vibratory loading equal to reinforced rubber materials and will not delaminate under the most severe shock loads. 

“The adjustable flow and chemical resistance of EG-96 HP make it an excellent option for large volume industrial applications,” said Steve Geiger, National Sales Manager for Concrete Restoration at W. R. MEADOWS. 

In addition, EG-96 HP contributes to LEED credits including Indoor Environmental Quality and Materials and Resources. 


  • 100 percent solids
  • VOC and BGE free
  • fills completely before hardening

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