Equalizing Beam Meets Bushing Innovation


Hendrickson Equalizing Beam has been matched with the innovated Rotating Bar Pin End Pushing for a quick and easy installation. Patented feature eliminates inner bushing wear, which contributes to greater component service life.


Along with the rotating bar pin benefit, the rotating bar pin bushing utilizes the same proprietary rubber material and bonding composition as the standard end bushing leading to longer component life. Once under load, the rotating bar pin will lock into place.


This patented feature eliminates inner bushing wear which contributes to greater component service life.
The Genuine Parts' Equalizing Beam is the exact beam used in production; providing the structural integrity and functionality to maintain original system performance. Hendrickson Equalizing Beams are made of a high strength steel formula exclusive to Hendrickson; enabling long component service life and a lightweight design for greater payloads.
Utilizing proprietary manufacturing and material preparation processes increases fatigue life which equates to longer service life of the equalizing beam. The Genuine Parts' Equalizing Beam is one hundred percent robotically welded; delivering consistent and accurate weld penetration leading to improved service life and peace of mind.
With the Hendrickson Equalizing Beam and Rotating Bar Pin End Bushing combination you'll never fight axle pinion angles again when replacing select HAULMAAX and HN equalizing beams.


Available part numbers:

  • 080225-001 HMX460 54-in. Beam assemble with shock bracket
  • 080226-001 HMX460 54-in. Beam assemble without shock bracket
  • 080227-002 HN462 54-in. Beam assemble
  • 080228-008 HN402 52-in. Beam assemble


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