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ShockWatch, a global leader in developing and manufacturing damage prevention products, bringsa customizable view of forklift status and activities to the fingertips of warehouse and safety managers with its new ShockWatch EquipCommand 3.0 software. ShockWatch introduces a first-of-its-kind dashboard view that allows management to easily navigate through critical fleet information in the form of easy-to-read graphs and charts. Managers can personalize the screen with customizable, drag-and-drop widgets and display settings that make it simple for users to monitor daily fleet activities most important to them while overseeing other warehouse duties.

“At ShockWatch, we specialize in innovations that bring accountability and simplicity to warehouse management. The new EquipCommand easy-to-use dashboard, complete with customizable widgets, is our latest innovation that allows users to better manage, analyze and optimize fleet performance,” said Kerri Lusk-Barnes, vice president, product management at ShockWatch. “Our unique dashboard makes it easy to identify challenges as well as areas of improvement. The easy-to-understand information helps users improve safety, reduce damage and keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.”
EquipCommand is a comprehensive forklift fleet optimization tool with an intuitive user interface that gives managers the flexibility to control all ShockWatch-monitored assets. Managers host EquipCommand on their personal workstations or servers, giving them a single portal to access all of the ShockWatch Equipment Monitors in their fleet – including the FleetControl Manager, EquipManager£, ImpactManager£ RF and ImpactManager£ ID. The software helps customers reduce damage-related costs by making it easy for managers to configure and administer event parameters for each monitoring unit in the fleet.
While EquipCommand collects data regarding equipment access, utilization, safety and maintenance, the new dashboard conveniently places that data into 14 widgets that highlight areas such as top driving performance among fleet operators, most wrecked trucks, impact trends and operator utilization. EquipCommand also helps improve communications by sending alerts via text message or e-mail, creating real-time reports, locating equipment and determining maintenance and training needs for comprehensive fleet management. In addition, the increased fleet control helps managers create more efficient work schedules and assignments for equipment usage.
ShockWatch’s Equipment Monitors serve as the foundation for warehouse fleet management. Monitors track the activity of each asset, such as a forklift, stockpicker or other motorized equipment, and create time-sensitive reports on maintenance, impacts and other events. Mounted directly to your equipment, ShockWatch monitors help ensure proper warehouse equipment usage around the clock.
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