Equipment Timer


Nanospark integrates with new or existing systems and machines to economically introduce valuable modern features. For instance, use Nanospark as an equipment timer to save energy. Wire equipment to any or all of Nanospark's ten outputs, then create schedules for when individual machines should run or put an entire system on the same schedule. Make as many schedules as you need. The Nanospark Controller App, running on the attached tablet is the means for creating schedules. Therefore, users work with an actual touch screen interface and simple, intuitive programming. A key feature that Nanospark brings to the table is remote monitoring and control via text (SMS) message. Users stay connected, even with older machines, anywhere their phone has a signal; regardless of the type of phone they have. Check on the status of a machine or the entire system, or interrupt schedules by remotely turning machines on or off- with a text. Users don't have to initiate the inquiry, however, as the Nanospark Controller App also has configurable alerts. Setup alerts in the same simple manner as schedules. Configure alerts to notify the appropriate individual(s) with a text message when processes are complete, a certain condition is met, or in the event of an emergency. 

Nanospark may also be used for the controls in new machine designs. Nanospark's 5V inputs and outputs connect with the sensors and switches needed to operate the machine. The various components are then controlled through a custom made app. The app replaces the buttons and switches of an old control panel with a touch screen human machine interface (HMI), opening the door to add useful logic and connectivity to the machine. Through the app manufacturers assist their customers by building in features like troubleshooting guides, spare parts lists, maintenance logs and prompts. Nanospark's features and adaptability make it a versatile tool which helps users enhance their equipment and stay in touch with their facility.


  • create schedules
  • simple, intuitive programming
  • Controller App also has configurable alerts
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