WearwellR Launches ErgoDeck™SOFT
--A more resilient version of the popular ErgoDeck™ Flooring System--

NASHVILLE, TN – WearwellR is now offering another version of its popular ErgoDeck™Flooring System. ErgoDeck™Soft is a more resilient version designed for extra comfort and increased productivity.

Lisa O’Dell, the VP of Marketing and Product Development at the company explains that this innovative flooring system was the product of a great deal of market research and customer input. “ErgoDeck™ SOFT is the result of WearwellR‘s primary objective, which is to create functional mats that allow the standing worker to be more productive and efficient. When locked together, these oversize tiles create an anti-fatigue floor above an existing floor that offers functionality and flexibility. By adding the SOFT version to the ErgoDeck™ family, our customers now have another option when trying to maximize the comfort level of their standing workers.”

Early product feedback has been extremely positive. “We have gotten reports of chronic knee pain disappearing, back and neck pain ceasing to exist. When you can affect people on an individual level it is very gratifying. Of course, employers are thrilled because their standing workers work longer and are more efficient when they are not in pain.”

ErgoDeck™ is a professional grade, 18" x 18" super-sized ergonomic tile, which is excellent for quickly covering large and custom-sized areas. The flex-points found on the underside will support workers weight while providing flexibility underfoot as well as reducing fatigue. WearwellR‘s patented LockSafe system securely connects the tiles for a neat, clean, installation that will withstand heavy use. As an added benefit ErgoDeck™ tiles can be unlocked and repositioned to create different configurations.

ErgoDeck™SOFT is available in two varieties: “Open Grid” (No. 564) and “Solid” (No. 566). Open Grid serves for use in wet, non-greasy or dry areas where small debris or fluids are present while its counterpart Solid is for use in dry areas where small parts fall to the floor, or where ease of maintenance is a priority. Optional 6" wide safety ramps and corners, which employee access, are also available with either product.

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