Ergonomic Sit-Stand Stool


Assembly-line workers, machine-operators, check out employees and others who work on their feet secure added comfort from Lyon ergonomically designed Sit-Stand Stools. Sit-Stand Stools allow users to work in an upright standing position with their weight partially supported on a padded seat. Taking a load off workers’ legs and feet dramatically relieves fatigue, boosts moral and productivity. A patent-pending mechanism allows easy height adjustment by simply lifting the front of the seat and sliding it up or down to the desired height – then pushing the seat front down to relock it in place. Ergonomically designed padded seat swivels 16° in either direction, returns to center automatically. Seat also tilts forward 20° while seat height is infinitely adjustable from approx. 22 to 33 in. to accommodate workers of different heights. Triangular base allows close proximity to work and carrying handle affords portability from one work station to another. The new Lyon Sit-Stand has a 250 lb. capacity.
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