Ergonomic Tightening System


The QX Series Ergonomic Tightening System (ETS) delivers short pulses of energy into the fastener during tightening, so the operator safely retains control of the tool. The ergonomically enhanced motor control algorithm minimizes the average force experienced by the operator, protecting workers from injury. The Ergonomic Tightening System is available on the QX Series cordless fastening tools in pistol and right angle configurations that range from 1.6 to 80 Newton meters of torque.


Manufacturers in motor vehicle, agricultural, heavy equipment, and general industries use Ingersoll Rand QX Series tools for the precise torque control and traceable results. Workers no longer have to manipulate the fastening tool and a stationary reaction device. ETS tools increase mobility and access for tasks requiring one-handed tool operation or when optimum operator agility is paramount.


Reducing the torque reaction during fastening doesn’t have to be complicated. The QX Series ETS offers three tightening modes to simplify the process. In addition to standard direct drive mode, each tool configuration can be independently programmed to utilize one of the three available single-parameter ETS modes, simplifying setup:

  • Mode 1 – Ergonomic mode delivers the least amount of energy per pulse. This mode is ideal for applications on hard joints or ones that require difficult arm, wrist or tool angles.
  • Mode 2 – The Performance mode distributes moderate energy per pulse. This mode is best for numerous all-purpose fastening applications.
  • Mode 3 – Lastly, the Productivity mode delivers the most amount of energy per pulse. This mode is ideal for applications on soft joints or those that require high production rates.


Setting up the ETS is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Connect to the QX Series tool with the included Ingersoll Rand ICS software & set up the base program
  2. Choose the preferred ETS tightening mode from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose when the tool should shift from direct drive to ETS mode



  • Ergonomically enhanced motor control algorithm significantly reduces the average force experienced by the operator during the tightening process
  • Red tool highlights provide clear indication of ETS tool identity vs standard QX tool
  • Continuously flashing blue light above keypad provides operator assurance that ETS is ACTIVE
  • All the capability of the QX platform, without the torque reaction
  • Common software and battery platform for simple integration
  • QXN, QXC and QXX versions available in pistol grip, low torque angle and high torque angle
  • Onboard ‘pulse’ counter supports proper optimization and application of ETS tools on ideal applications (10 pulses or less per cycle)
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