Ergonomic Training Workstation


Creform Corporation engineers have designed and built a workstation for use at a Kentucky university’s productivity lab. The students and teachers use the workstation in the lab, for ergonomic and productivity training in simulated manufacturing assembly and warehouse environments.


Used by students at a university for training, the workstation is simple in its design and includes a half inch plastic work surface for parts supplies, tools, and paperwork.  Above that work surface is a flat pipe that holds a power strip and can also conveniently hold clip-on plastic bins. A drawer below pulls out for keyboard and storage access.


There is a 4 ft. LED light that provides illumination while an elevated monitor is integrated on the right-hand side for good visibility. Secured to the base of the workstation is an ergonomic positioning system that consists of four hydraulic cylinders. The ergo lift has a 1,000 lb. capacity with a 12 in. stroke and a simple hand crank raises and lowers, with limited effort, the top portion of the workstation. An electric ergo lift is available for push button convenience. This allows various work surface height and the top portion of the workstation to be optimized for the ergonomics for each worker. Further, this presents a way for students to see how the positioning of work impacts the ergonomics of the task.


This workstation can be designed as a mobile or stationary unit and configured as a stand-up or sit-down station.  In this case it’s on wheels.  Shown with four 4 in. dia. swivel casters for easy rolling and position anywhere maneuverability.  All casters lock to secure the workstation in position.

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