Ergonomic Trash Lift & Dump


Lifting full trash and recylcing cans or rolling trash totes to dump them into a larger dumpster poses many injury threats common to overhead lifting. Injuries include those to the back, arm and neck. The solution is an ergonomic trash lift and dump device.

The trash dumper can be mobile or not and operate from AC wall current or DC battery power. We offer two designs to lift the trash canister: 1) that simply swings the trash can out and over, dumping the debris out into shorter dumpsters or 2) a model that first lifts the trash can straight up then tips, dumping the rubbish from the can. The 2nd option can operate in small spaces, has increased safety and can reach a higher level before dumping. The 1st can operate within less vertical space, for instance if the dumpster is in a covered space.

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