Ergonomic, Wearable Chair


Creating an ergonomic, comfortable, and even more productive workplace, the Chairless Chair is a flexible, ergonomic, wearable sitting support that allows users to effortlessly switch between a sitting, standing, and walking position. With the Chairless Chair, users walk with the sitting support while wearing it, at the same time avoiding strenuous postures such as bending, squatting or crouching.


  • Allows employees to work in a comfortable position
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases stress on legs and back
  • Reduces the costs resulting from sick days
  • An active sitting position promotes health by means of prevention
  • Ensures jobs even with progressed age
  • Flexible and easy to Use
  • It takes less than 60 seconds to put the device on—and it takes even less time to take it off again
  • Replaces disruptive chairs and auxiliary seats

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Anonymous, Operations, Production and Plant Management
About time this came to the Market, needs to be reasonably priced and fool proof and comfortable to use.
Great Idea.