ESPRIT ProfitTurning Combines Cutting Strategies on a Lathe with Trochoidal Movements


CAM industry innovator DP Technology Corp. has announced a new version of its pioneering flagship product ESPRIT 2016. ESPRIT 2016 features a new innovative high-speed lathe roughing strategy, called ProfitTurning that implements ESPRIT´s new Physics-Based Cutting Engine. While traditional cutting strategies only consider the geometry of the part, ProfitTurning creates the toolpath considering multiple cutting factors and machine characteristics that impact machining performance. ESPRIT 2016´s ProfitTurning toolpath maintains consistent cutting forces and chip loads, allowing cutting speeds to be significantly increased. By employing trochoidal turning and controlled engagement techniques, the ProfitTurning toolpath also reduces vibration and residual stresses, which in turn makes it particularly well suited to thin walls or hard materials, especially superalloys.The net result is significantly reduced cycle times and maximized productivity.

Simulation speed also plays a pivotal role in CAM software and ESPRIT continues to be at the forefront of accelerating simulation without compromising accuracy or stability.



  • Advanced Tool Settings provide CAM programmers enhanced tool management solutions.
  • Additional Barrel Tool Support has been extended to cover more 5 7 3-axis cutting cycles.
  • Cloud-Enabled ESPRIT supports the MachiningCloud APP.
  • Enhanced CAD recognition functions correct and detect any acute unseen defects in imported CAD models.
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