Ethernet Brain, Analog,Digital,Serial


SNAP PAC brains are compact, high-performance processors that connect real-world analog, digital, and serial devices with Ethernet or industrial RS-485 networks for monitoring, control and data acquisition.

A SNAP PAC brain on a mounting rack with I/O modules is called an I/O unit. Each I/O unit can operate independently or as an intelligent, distributed node on a larger network controlled by a SNAP PAC controller.

SNAP PAC brains are available for use on both Ethernet and RS-485/422 serial networks.

SNAP PAC Brains for Ethernet Networks

The SNAP-PAC-EB1 Brain Works with Analog, Digital, and Serial Signals, and Supports High-Speed Digital Functions The SNAP-PAC-EB2 Brain Works with Analog, Digital and Serial Signals Use Intelligent SNAP I/O with Allen-Bradley® PLC Logix Systems

Ethernet-based SNAP PAC brains feature pure TCP/IP transport protocol, two switched 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, and multiple simultaneous protocols such as Modbus/TCP, SNMP and SMTP.


Input Type:Analog/Digital/Serial | Dimensions:3.3"L×1.83"W×3.7"H | Mounting Type:Rack | Network Protocols:IEEE 802.3 | Voltage, Supply:5-5.2 | Current, Input:750 | Primary Type:Controller | Communication:RS-232/485 | Brand/Series:SNAP Series | For Use With:I/O Rack | Output Type:Analog/Digital/Serial | Number of Inputs:4 | Battery Type:CR2032 Lithium | Memory:16 MB RAM | Type:PC Based | Temperature, Operating:0 to 60 |
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