Ethernet IP Marquee


Ethernet IP Marquee revolutionizes the industrial market on how a marquee sign should connect and communicate on the Rockwell Ethernet/IP network. It has a built-in WEB server, eliminating the need to install software to program the marquee sign. Setup of the display is as simple as opening a WEB browser on your computer and entering the IP address of the marquee sign. With its fully integrated package, the Ethernet IP Marquee allows the user to configure and broadcast plc data and message information without programming communication blocks within the ladder logic code of the plc.


Features of Marquees:

· NO SOFTWARE to INSTALL !!! Web based setup
· EtherNet/IP protocol (CompactLogix, ControlLogix) 
· Direct register access to plc from marquee sign 
· 2nd ethernet port for data collection to PC 
· Monitor plc registers through built-in web browser 
· Broadcast alarm messages from the PLC 
· Backup and restore configuration of marquee sign 
· Collection of real time data from plant floor 
· 1, 2 and 4 line alphanumeric display 
· 13 and 20 character width 
· Bright tri-color LED characters 
· Operating temperature 0-55 C 
· 100,000 hour rated LED life 
· Metal housing 
· IR programming port 
· Mounting hardware included

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