EV Resistor


The unique design of the EV resistor fully encapsulates the resistor element, separating it from the coolant. With sealing to IP56 level the construction protects the resistor from harmful dirt and pollution. This means they are robust and reliable, taking the surplus energy produced by the system turning it into heat which is absorbed into the cooling water.


This efficient heat transfer means that the excess energy can potentially be used elsewhere in the vehicle either for power pack pre-heating or cabin heating.


Cressall’s advanced electric vehicle resistors are light and compact, typically 10% of the size and 15% of the weight of an equivalent air-cooled resistor and combine the normally incompatible qualities of high thermal conductivity with high electrical resistance by the use of patented materials and manufacturing processes.


The resistor is available as a heavy-duty EV2 unit for large commercial and construction vehicles and the EVT for lighter applications. All EV resistors are modular and are designed to fit together to match the braking power you need from 1 to 100 kW.


The EV2 has a high power rating of 25 kW per module making it an extremely competitive proposition for heavy braking applications where compact size is paramount. The high power per resistor, combined with a modular design, makes this cutting-edge technology the optimum choice for motor braking AC drives used in electric, hybrid, and fuel cell-powered vehicles. The EV2 has been extensively trialed and successfully installed in real-world applications.

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