eWON eCatcher Mobile for Remote Connections


eWON eCatcher is the software that eWON users utilize to establish a remote connection via an eWON router to their machine. HMS Industrial Networks now launches a mobile version of this award-winning remote access solution called eWON eCatcher Mobile. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

By connecting an eWON Cosy or Flexy router to a machine, it is possible to access and control the machine via the cloud service eWON Talk2M. eWON users can then access Talk2M in an easy and secure way from a computer using the eCatcher software. Now, eCatcher is also offered as an app for mobile devices on iOS or Android.


Today, many HMI and PLC manufacturers offer apps to connect to their devices. eCatcher Mobile is designed to work as a complement to these apps. eCatcher Mobile opens a secure tunnel to the remote machinery through the Talk2M cloud, enabling users to run any device manufacturers’ app and connect, just as if they were on site.


How it works


After logging in to their eCatcher account, users validate themselves using Touch ID (or a PIN code), similar to most mobile banking applications. Just like in the desktop version, users will see all eWON routers connected to their Talk2M account. After clicking on the eWON they want to access, they are securely connected. When the eCatcher mobile app is connected, it is possible to start native HMI apps from automation vendors. Examples include Sm@rtClient Lite from Siemens, Vijeo Design'Air from Schneider Electric, or Remote HMI from Pro-face. eCatcher mobile can also be used with VNC client apps. The eCatcher Mobile app is available for free at Apple App Store or Google Play.

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