Exlar SA-R080 Rotary and SA-L080 Linear Actuators


As actuators with integral controls, the Exlar SA-R080 Rotary and SA-L080 Linear Actuators offer force, precision, energy efficiency, and control while minimizing the additional cabling, external servo controls, and integration necessary with more traditional actuation solutions.


Utilizing 18-32VDC input voltage, the actuators’ compact form can be applied across a wide range of automation applications. In addition to integral controls, the SA series offers a corrosion resistant and sealed epoxy housing, a stainless-steel output shaft, and a wide operating temperature range.


Other features include standard rear manual drive for emergency operation, high pressure seal and rod scraper for ingress protection, and RS-232 and CANopen communication protocol.


The SA series actuators are suited for a variety of defense, industrial, and commercial applications where distributed precision motion control and the need to operate in harsh environments is required. In addition, electromechanical actuation offers better energy efficiency and less environmental impacts and maintenance compared to traditional fluid power alternatives.


  • Industry standard MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
  • T-LAM brushless servo motor
  • High pressure seal, high load bushing, and rod scraper integrated within an easily replaceable faceplate
  • Stainless steel main rod
  • Inverted roller screw
  • Absolute positioning control electronics
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