Expanded Oil Skimming Solutions Sourcebook


Abanaki Corporation, the world leader in oil skimming and coolant maintenance products, announced the second-edition of its Solutions Sourcebook for oil skimming applications. The newly expanded 43-page handbook offers application notes and photos of 40 real-world implementations of oil skimming.

Abanaki’s Solutions Sourcebook is indexed by type of industry, application, and skimmer model, making it easy to find case studies most relevant to a specific situation. Every article explains the application’s problem, solution and benefits such as cost savings. Articles include oil skimming applications from many industries, such as environmental/recycling, food processing, laundry, chemical, machining, paper mills, power, refineries, steel mills, technology, transportation, tube manufacturers and electric power utilities.
Oil skimming is the lowest cost, lowest maintenance way to remove oil from water. Oil skimming uses the differences in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water to pick up oil, grease and other hydrocarbon liquids. As the oil skimmer’s belt or tube passes through water, the contaminants are attracted to the media and carried to wiper blades that remove the oil. Companies use Abanaki oil skimmers to meet EPA and municipal pollution regulations and to improve coolant quality in cutting tool operations. The oil skimming applications featured in this sourcebook address coolant maintenance, emergency spill containment, groundwater remediation, DNAPL removal, oil and fuel recovery, indoor and outdoor washwater treatment, wastewater treatment, process tank cleaning, and wood treatment.

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