Experion LCN Modernizes Legacy Control Rooms


Experion Local Control Network (LCN) solution enables the incremental upgrade of the company’s legacy TotalPlant Solution (TPS) control system to allow for secure, seamless integration with Experion PKS. With Experion LCN, industrial facilities can gradually move their legacy control system forward to become part of a new, modern solution while leveraging existing automation assets.


The Experion LCN solution provides users with standards-based functionality, regulatory support capabilities, and integrated operations from the field through the plant to the business level. The upgrade modernizes the control system infrastructure and enables deployment of the IIoT. Existing control strategies, field terminations, applications, history, and graphics can be retained, allowing users to focus on high-value improvements.


Using Honeywell’s Experion Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) infrastructure, the Experion LCN bridge connects Experion to Classic Coax LCN. Once this connection is established, the LCN coax connection can be removed one LCN node at a time. Instead of a hardware connection for every Experion TPS node, only one redundant Experion LCN bridge pair is needed to enable virtualization.


This TPS modernization minimizes disruptions and maintains consistency. After modernization, the control system can have a common HMI and unified physical control network, enabling control devices to easily integrate/expand with the latest generation of Experion PKS controllers and safety systems.

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