Experion PKS Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE)


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Experion PKS HIVE uses Honeywell’s LEAP project execution principles, software, and networking to unchain control applications from physical equipment and controllers from physical IO. This enables control systems to be engineered and implemented with modular builds. The solution also transforms the way control systems are maintained over their lifecycle, shifting day-to-day management of servers to a centralized data center, where experts and established protocols mitigate cybersecurity risk, allowing plant engineers to focus more proactively on optimization of their control systems.


Experion PKS HIVE incorporates three elements—IT HIVE, IO HIVE, and Control HIVE—which can be used individually or collectively, in tandem with customers’ existing systems and infrastructure:

  • Experion PKS IT HIVE centralizes up to 80% of the IT infrastructure traditionally used in project engineering to drive consistent physical and cybersecurity management across an enterprise.
  • Experion PKS IO HIVE provides flexible IO and control distribution enabling the control system to become a natural extension of process equipment and to facilitate modular and parallel project execution.
  • Experion PKS Control HIVE applies control containers to provide flexibility and standardization of control hardware platform, control location, and control engineering. With multiple physical controllers operating as part of an Experion PKS Control HIVE, control engineering is simplified through automated load balancing.


Experion PKS HIVE shifts IO to the field and makes it fully accessible to any controller, taking individual physical controllers and distributing the load so that they appear as a single controller. The solution distributes IT computing from onsite to offsite.


  • Project speed and efficiency
  • Decoupling the assignment of IO modules and control strategies from specific controllers
  • Enabling knowledge workers to focus on the entire group (or hive) of controllers
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