Explorer Is Now Cloud-Connected


The BACnet Explorer NG is a cloud-connected network discovery and management solution for BACnet Networks. The BACnet Explorer NG has a “plug-and-play” feature combined with Sierra Monitor’s FieldPoP device cloud. This combination enables installers to easily and remotely discover and manage BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP devices on an automation network.


Capabilities with the BACnet Explorer NG:

  • test newly installed devices,
  • debug the network
  • upload device and network information to the cloud
  • integrate device and network data with cloud-based software applications
  • provide a control path back to the network and devices


This device is a portable, pre-packaged software and hardware appliance that can simply plug into a BACnet automation network while also being able to plug into the IT network and cloud over Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular connectivity at the same time. Multiple users can access at the same time, remotely or locally, using tablets or smartphones.


The BACnet Explorer NG has two additional applications that run locally on the appliance: Monitor View and Historian. Monitor View allows the user to monitor their entire connected network in real-time and to visually track devices and data points. The Historian allows users the ability to log, store, and graphically display selected device data points over customized time intervals.


The BACnet Explorer NG can be securely and remotely accessed through the cloud by authorized users when connected to Sierra Monitor’s FieldPoP device cloud portal. Authorized personnel can also choose to receive alerts based on defined triggering conditions in the field. Additionally, the device can integrate a facility’s BACnet devices into their specific solutions for energy management and maintenance management.




  • FieldPoP-enabled
  • Plug-and-play
  • Access from anywhere: Wi-Fi and cloud-connected
  • Simultaneous multi-user access
  • Monitor View and Historian: continuously monitor BACnet network(s) and data trends
  • Secure data transfer through REST API
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