Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light with Emergency Battery Backup 4ft 4-T12 lamp -Paint Booth Approved


The Magnalight EPL-EMG-48-4L-T12HO Explosion Proof, Paint Booth Approved, Fluorescent Light Fixture with Emergency Battery Backup is U.S./Canada U.L. approved Class 1 Division 1,  Class 1 Division 2 and ideal for hazardous locations where flammable petrochemical vapor or combustible dust exists or has the potential to exist.

The EPL-EMG-48-4L-T12HO is our 4 foot long, 4 lamp, UL listed Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1&2 explosion proof fluorescent light which is equipped with an added battery backup providing 90 minutes of emergency runtime. This T6 temperature rated fixture comes standard with four T-12HO fluorescent lamps which produce a combined 16,200 lumens of light. This fixture is multi-voltage capable and provides operators in hazardous locations with a reliable and durable lighting solution that provides explosion proof protection along with the security of emergency battery backup.


Specifications / Additional Information

EPL-EMG-48-4L-T12HO Explosion Proof U.L. Ratings
UL Listing: United States - Canada Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D
Dimensions: W-22.50 "  L-52 "   H-8.5 " Class 1 Division 2, Group A,B,C,D
Weight: 130 Lbs UL 595 Outdoor Marine Type (Saltwater)
Total Watts: 240 watts UL 844, 924
Voltage: Multi- 120V-60hz  220V-50hz  240V-60hz  277V-60hz UL 1598 Marine Type
Total Lumens: F32-T8 Bulbs 16,200 Class II Division 1- 2, Groups E,F,G
Lamp Life Expectancy: F32-T8 Bulbs 12,000 Hours UL Certified Canadian Standards
Efficiency: N/A UL listed for Paint Spray Booths
Operating Temp Range: T6 Rated -30 C to 70 C

Minimum Operating Temp: -30 C

Maximum Case Temp: 90 C

Battery Backup: 90 minute runtime on battery backup Special Orders- Requirements
Color Temp: 4100K- Contact us for special requirements
Mounting: Unistruts
Wiring Hub: 1/2 inch threaded
U.L Approval: U.S Certificate  Canada Certificate
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*5 year warranty replacement on this LED light (or LED bulbs for light fixtures with removable LED bulbs). After 30 days, the customer ships the failed LED light and/or LED bulb to Larson Electronics’ Magnalight at their expense. If the failure is a manufacturer defect, we will ship a new replacement to the customer. If failure occurs within 30 days of receipt, Larson Electronics Magnalight will provide a return label via email to the customer. When the failed light is returned, Magnalight will ship a new replacement.

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