Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth LED Light on Dolly Cart


This dolly cart mounted explosion proof light is rated Class 1 Division 1&2 and Class 2 Division 1&2 and offers operators the ability to quickly and easily add a full power light wherever it is needed. This unit incorporates four fluorescent lamps producing 20,000 lumens of light on a mobile dolly cart style platform. This configuration allows operators to wheel this light fixture into position next to the target or lay it flat and roll it under the piece to provide illumination beneath the target.


U.L. Listing: United States – Canada                          U.L. Ratings

Total Watts: 216                                                            Class 1 Division 1, Groups C,D

Total Lumens: 20,000                                                   Class 1 Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D

Lamp Life Expectancy: 20,000 Hours                         Class 2 Division 1-2, Groups E,F,G

Operating Temp Range: T6 Rated                              UL 595 Outdoor Marine Type (Saltwater)

Color Temp: 5000K or 4100K                                       UL 844, 924

Mounting: Portable Dolly Cart with Wheels            UL 1598A Marine Type

Wiring: 100’ SOOW                                                        UL listed for Paint Spray Booths

Voltage: Multi – 120V-60Hz, 220V-50Hz, 240V-60Hz, 277V-60Hz

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