eXpunge Plus 2-in-1 Sponge Erases Dirt and Stains


Highland Heights, Ohio . . . . .New eXpunge Plus, an effective tool for removing dirt, grime and stains without harmful chemicals, is available from HOSPECO, a leading supplier of washroom and personal care products to the sanitary supply, foodservice and industrial markets.

Made from a revolutionary combination of sponge and melamine, eXpunge Plus eliminates dirt by lifting it from most hard surfaces. Just moisten eXpunge Plus with tap water and scrub. The white melamine erases stains. The green sponge in the center retains moisture for continuous activation and provides stability for more effective cleaning. There are no cleaning chemicals required.

The eXpunge Plus removes dirt and stains with friction and will gradually disintegrate with repeated use. When the eXpunge Plus is used up, simply discard in a trash receptacle.

Safe for use on most hard surfaces including bathroom tile, counter tops, baseboards, and floors, eXpunge even works on difficult stains like scuff marks, crayons and markers. When using on soft, highly polished or textured surfaces, pre-testing on an inconspicuous spot is recommended.

For more information on eXpunge Plus or any of the other products available from HOSPECO, visit the web site at www.hospeco.com or contact the company.

eXpunge and eXpunge Plus are trademarks of Hospital Specialty Company.

HOSPECO is a registered trademark of Hospital Specialty Company.
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