Extra Corrosion Protection


CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease is an extreme pressure lithium complex grease with superior corrosion inhibiting properties against salt water, brine, H2S, HCl, and other corrosive agents. It is an excellent all-purpose grease to use on metal-to-metal contact areas either during operation or layup. While most greases offer enough protection during operation by displacing moisture and creating a barrier layer, additional protection may be needed in extremely corrosive conditions or when switching from operation to preservation mode.


Rather than requiring two different greases, CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease allows users to apply one corrosion-inhibiting grease for both operation and layup. This eliminates the inconvenience of switching from one grease to another when transitioning from operation to layup or back again. It is particularly helpful for equipment that operates intermittently.


CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease can be used in countless all-purpose applications where NLGI Grade 2 grease is needed:

  • Metal-to-metal contact areas
  • Lubricating sleeves
  • Ball and roller bearings
  • Vehicle/equipment chassis
  • Fans
  • Bushings
  • Pulley bearings
  • Sliding high-friction areas
  • Generator end bearings

CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease has several advantages beyond its corrosion-inhibiting properties. It offers a relatively clean application with minimal dripping and spattering. It also lubricates for long periods of time and even aids in the suspension of solid additives such as graphite, molybdenum, disulfide, and others. CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease has temperature stability from -22 to 266°F (-30 to 130°C) and is effective in extreme operating conditions such as low speed/high pressure or shock loading.


When dealing with layup or intermittent operating conditions, especially in corrosive environments, CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP Grease is an excellent all-purpose grease for greater convenience and extra preservation power.

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