Extra Large Wrenches


A twofold problem faces companies involved in heavy industries: how to make workers more productive without sacrificing their safety. Too often, workers will use the wrong tool for the job, resulting in damaged equipment or personal injury. Lowell Corporation’s 40 Series ratchet wrenches and 50 Series socket wrenches are designed expressly to give workers the right tools for extremely demanding applications.   

The cast malleable iron 40 Series wrenches are available up to 48” long with square, hex, or round/keyed openings up to 4-1/2”. They have reversing controls in the head and enclosed, replaceable gears. The tools’ bolt-thru design makes it easy to tighten nuts on any threaded length. The 50 Series socket wrenches take a wide range of hex and square sockets that can be easily changed out with a removable retaining ring. Ratchet handles are available up to 64” long and socket openings up to 9”. There is a reversing control in the head and the bolt-thru design lets the tool access nuts on any threaded length. 

For extra durability, the ratchet mechanism is enclosed. Lowell extra large wrenches are commonly found on crushing equipment at coal fired power plants, operating valves or tightening large nuts and bolts at refineries and attaching counterweights to cranes on construction sites.  Other applications include back-up rudder control systems on ships, heat exchanger plate assembly, pipeline assembly and maintenance, and a variety of manufacturing jobs.


  • reversing controls
  • replaceable gears
  • bolt-thru design

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