Extra Wide Combination Dual-Beam Multi-Zone X-Ray and Metal Detector System


Eriez ®, world authority in magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications, has introduced an extra wide combination E-Z Tec® Dual-Beam Multi-Zone X-Ray and Metal Detector System. This state-of-the-art device offers optimal detection and precise rejection of virtually any foreign object for packaged or bulk flow applications.
Working together, the X-Ray will provide Eriez customers with unsurpassed foreign objects detection for ferrous, nonferrous, stainless steel and non-metallics such as stone, glass, bone and some plastics. Additionally, the metal detector will provide for the best possible detection for aluminum--- which is the most difficult metal for the X-Ray machine to detect, explains Ray Spurgeon, Eriez Product Manager—Inspection Systems. “Now, processors can use both technologies to improve their food safety,” he says.

An additional benefit of the dual beam X-Ray System is it offers zone detection as packaged or raw product moves through the unit, according to Spurgeon. Rather than rejecting an entire row of product, the X-Ray unit will pinpoint a single product with a foreign object for precise rejection, thus allowing non-contaminated product to proceed. “This will save our customers thousands of dollars in re-work and labor,” says Spurgeon.

Moreover, Eriez X-Ray Systems operate using very low beam energy because of the company’s unique beam architecture. This design places Eriez’ X-Ray source very close to the belt/product and thus, the lowest energy. “Conversely, other manufacturers’ systems require more energy, as the x-ray sources need to be higher up from the belt/product. This can cause burn through of the foreign object,” says Spurgeon.

The dual beam technology also provides coverage for a conveyor belt more than 40 inches wide. Traditional X-Ray systems have accommodated belts up to 24 inches, according to Spurgeon. The sheer size of the dual beam coverage is unique to the industry as well as the use of individual zones with dedicated rejects for each.

The Eriez E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector complements the dual beam X-Ray system by detecting ferrous, nonferrous, stainless steel and aluminium objects in package and raw product.  The standard three-coil aperture arrangement sends a signal to the unit’s control for digital processing. 

According to Spurgeon, the E-Z Tec X-Ray system and E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector can be monitored and controlled remotely by using Eriez E-Z Link™ software. 
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