Extreme Weight Processor Provides Manufacturers with Exceptionally Stable Weight Readings & Tighter Feed Control


EtherNet/IP enabled HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor now boasts an update rate from 300 to 660 updates per second, providing a PLC with a new weight reading every 1.5 milliseconds (previously 3.3 milliseconds). The higher update rate allows this weight processor to provide extremely stable weight readings much faster to a PLC, resulting in tighter feed control limits and under almost any adverse weighing condition. It’s ideal for high speed filling, dispensing and check weighing, where materials are often fed and weighed in motion at high speeds. Material motion and machine vibration causes many weighing instruments to have lengthy settling times and/or read inaccurately. The faster update rate (CPU clock speed) of the HI 6500-XP effectively mitigates the effects of in-motion weighing, providing a much faster settling time, better stability and tighter control.


The HI 6500-XP is a perfect fit for applications where speed and accuracy are paramount to control and quality, such as:

  • batching
  • blending
  • filling
  • dispensing
  • check weighing
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