Extremely Compact Pallet Truck


Hamaco Industries’ new E-Fork offers a powerful solution for those tight spaces. Unlike previous pallet forks, the E-Fork offers a turning radius of just 50.1/52.3” with fork’s lifted/lowered making the truck extremely compact and ideal for confined spaces and retail stores. The ergonomically designed handle with its soft grips provides for comfortable daily operations and all buttons are large and easy to reach, even when wearing gloves.


The E-Fork comes equipped with a maintenance-free lithium battery. The battery has two charging options: fast charging and opportunity charging. The battery is lightweight at only 10 lb. and can be swapped with a second battery, by one person, in less than 10 seconds wherever the E-Fork is located (no battery changing station necessary).


The E-Fork’s ease of use, smart controls, ergonomic design, safety features, high performance, and low maintenance will make this your new go-to pallet jack!

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