EZ-Slider Torque Arms


The new EZ-Slider torque arms by Mountz Inc. are designed to improve production and quality control during the assembly process. The ergonomic design of the EZ-Slider torque arm reduces RMI (repetitive motion injury) and CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome). The effortless handling of the torque arm provides comfortable tool operation and increased production. The Mountz torque arm eliminates torque reaction of power and pneumatic tools.
Crafted with a lightweight durable carbon fiber, the EZ-Slider torque arm slides up and down and provides X & Y axis mobility. A Gliding Rail System, an accessory product by Mountz, allows the EZ-Slider torque arm the freedom to travel horizontally (side to side) on a production floor. Combining these two items allow manufactures the ability to set-up a “Slide & Glide” movement with the EZ-Slider. The Mountz torque arm is an ideal ergonomic solution for multi-tool applications such as a moving production and assembly line where balancers are fixed to a trolley system.


When planning a production area, it pays dividends for manufacturers in the long term to plan the ergonomics of the operation and consult a health and safety inspector or ergonomic manager. Ensuring both the workplace and the assembly operation are compatible with the majority of operators that handle the assembly tools, reduces future costs arising from work-related health disorders among operators, along with costs arising from poor product quality.
The flexible EZ-Slider torque arm provides manufacturers the ability to mount the arms to a wall, workbench, a standard rail system, aluminum extrusion or existing overhead system. The torque arms are maintenance free.

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