EZ-ZONE® PM Panel Mount Controller in 1/8 DIN Size


Watlow®, a designer and manufacturer of electric heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, introduces the EZ-ZONE® PM panel mount controller in a new 1/8 DIN size. This new controller is available with choice of horizontal or vertical configuration allowing it to fit variable cabinet profiles. The new EZ-ZONE PM 1/8 DIN features larger characters and buttons improving usability. The product’s new case slots make it easier to remove the control hardware from the front pluggable DIN chassis by simply utilizing a screwdriver. The EZ-ZONE PM 1/8 DIN offers advanced functionality not available with the 1/16 and 1/32 DIN controllers such as dual channel PID control, cascade control, square-root linearization, wet bulb/dry bulb capability, ratio and pressure to altitude compensation curves. The EZ-ZONE 1/8 DIN also has the ability to run a single profile ramp-soak program on dual channels simultaneously.


The EZ-ZONE controller product line is comprised of integrated thermal loop controllers.  The EZ-ZONE PM 1/8 DIN is a new member of the EZ-ZONE family and allows for integration of a high amperage power controller with a high-performance PID controller and an over/under limit controller in one space saving, panel mount package. A number of serial communications options are also available to support connectivity needs.


Because the EZ-ZONE PM controller is highly scalable you only pay for what you need. The EZ-ZONE PM controller is available in 1/32, 1/16 or 1/8 DIN panel mount packages and joins the EZ-ZONE ST and EZ-ZONE RM controller released earlier. If you are looking for a PID controller, an over/under limit controller or an integrated controller, the EZ-ZONE PM will make your life easier by reducing system complexity and cost of thermal loop ownership.

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