F14/F24 Radio Series Built to Last, Built to Work!


Icom’s new generation of lightweight, portable transceivers -- the IC-F14/F14S (VHF) and IC-F24/F24S (UHF) series -- features high-end functionality at a low-end price. Sporting rugged, military-spec construction and a wide frequency range, the F14/F24 series is perfect for small police and fire departments, warehouses, department stores, schools and hotels. The radios come in both 16-channel and two-channel versions and feature emergency call and voice privacy as standard features. The “positive-action” push-to-talk and function buttons make the radios easy to operate even while wearing gloves. Compatible with either 25-kilohertz or 12.5-kilohertz channel spacing, the F14/F24 series is the ideal product to accommodate radio operators’ changing requirements.


• General Frequency coverage IC-F14/F14S: 136 – 174 MHz (U.S.A. and General) IC-F24/F24S: 400 – 470 MHz (U.S.A. and General) 450 – 512 MHz (U.S.A.) 450 – 520 MHz (General) Number of channels: 16 (IC-F14, IC-F24) 4 (Max.,IC-F14S, IC-F24S) Channel spacing: 12.5KHz/25 kHz PLL channel step: 2.5 kHz, 3.125 kHz (VHF) 5KHz, 6.25KHz (UHF) Power supply requirement: 7.2V DC Current drain: (at 7.2V DC; approx.) Transmit: High 1.5A Low (1W) 0.7A Receive: stand-by 70mA rated output 300Ma Antenna impedance: 50Ω Usable temperature range: –30°C to +60°C –22°F to +140°F Dimensions (with BP-231): 53 (W) ×120 (H) ×38 (D) mm (projections are not included): 23⁄32 (W) ×423⁄32 (H)×11⁄2 (D) in Weight (approx. with BP-231): 260g; 9.2oz • Transmitter Output power: 5W (VHF), 4W (UHF) Max. frequency deviation: ±5.0/2.5 kHz (Wide/narrow) Frequency error: ±2.5ppm Spurious emissions: 80dB typ. Adjacent channel power VHF: 80/70dB typ. (Wide/narrow) UHF: 75/68dB typ. (Wide/narrow) FM Hum and Noise: 46dB typ. (Wide) 40dB typ. (Narrow) Audio harmonic distortion: 3% typ. (AF 1kHz, 40% deviation) Modulation limiting: 60–100% of max. deviation External microphone connector: 3-conductor 2.5 (d) mm (1⁄10″)/2.2kΩ • Receiver Sensitivity: 0.25μV typ. (at 12dB SINAD) Squelch sensitivity: 0.25μV typ. (at threshold) Adjacent channel selectivity: 75dB typ. (Wide) 65dB typ. (Narrow) Spurious response: 70dB Intermodulation: 74dB typ. Hum and noise ratio: 50dB typ. (Wide) 45dB typ. (Narrow) Audio output power: 500mW typ. (at 5% distortion with an 8Ω load) External speaker connector: 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1⁄8″)/8Ω
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