FA-20 Grinders Series Gets 7 New Models


Industrial air tool specialist, Fuji Air Tools, has extended its FA-20 series of compact 2” angle grinders and die grinders in order to offer global customers the features that will meet their local requirements. As a result, the FA-20 series now comprises seven distinct models and offers users the choice of a locking lever version, collet version and rear exhaust version.


Fuji has also taken this opportunity to make significant improvements to the power, performance and operator comfort offered by the FA-20 series, when compared to its existing models. Weighing no more than 0.8kg, FA-20 series grinders have a maximum power output of between 265W and 294W. As a result, some models deliver an improved power-to-weight ratio of almost 50% over previous Fuji grinders. In addition, vibration has been reduced by more than one third, so tasks can not only be completed more efficiently, but also with improved operator comfort.


FA-20 series grinders feature a distinctive low profile grinding head design. Measuring just 40.5mm in height, it makes these grinders particularly suited to difficult applications where space is limited, such as metal grinding for mold maintenance, weld bead removal, deburring and chamfering. Applications include foundries, shipbuilding, railway maintenance and oil & gas platforms as well as general industrial metalworking tasks.

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